Companies large and small are starting to notice how coworking is changing the way people work. And not just the way people work, but how happy they are doing it, and how much more productive they are. It is more than just working in the same space. It’s a community, a shared space of like-minded people, and scientists are realizing that many of the same neurological benefits that come from being in a healthy relational community are still present in a work-centered community. These benefits are making people happier and more content everyday in their jobs.

One of the biggest perks of being in a coworking space is having the option to be as friendly or reserved as you want. There is no mandatory socialization, but the opportunity is always there. And that's what makes it so effective. Having the option to connect with others in the work environment, but on your terms, creates a feeling of agency. The power to build and shape your work experience and environment to what suits you best. 

Independence, connective, flexibility. These characteristics are fundamental to the healthy human experience. So it isn't surprising that they have been linked to higher levels of engagement and a more positive attitude in the workplace. So next time you feel burnt out or in a rut, the answer may not be finding a new place of work but rather finding a new way to work.

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