Alfreda Wells is a property manager for Keyrenter Tulsa, and if you have met her, you know she is a no-nonsense, sharp-witted woman with a heart of gold. She oversees all of the single-family properties within Keyrenter and is always looking out for the needs of others. We are so thrilled to have her in the root family!

How long have you been with your current company, Keyrenter?  

Not quite 2 months-- I started to work here in December

What is your official title/job description with your current company?  

Property Manager-- Single Family properties

How would you summarize what your company does and why your clients choose you over the competition?

Keyrenter Tulsa is committed to providing our rental owners and tenants the best proactive property management solutions through innovative processes and excellent communication and customer service. It is our goal to help clients build wealth while taking the headache out of real estate ownership.

If you had to have a philosophy of life, what would it be?  

Love God, love people...serve God, serve people.

What's a productivity tool or app that you couldn't live without?  

My does so much and keeps me connected to family, work and friends.

Do you or your company do any work within the community in the form of charity, nonprofits, or just building up Tulsa?  

Personally I enjoy working in my church in several areas of service.

What is one of your favorite books and why?  

John Maxwell’s “Think for a Change”.  I love the double meaning of the title and it challenged me to want to change myself by changing my thinking.

Favorite movie and why? 

Practically anything Tom Hanks is in. Sleepless in Seattle was my favorite for years, then he did You've Got Mail and the list goes on (I'm a big RomCom fan).

What is a fun fact or story about you that most people that know you might be surprised to learn?

I'm known in some circles as the wedding singer and in others as the funeral singer.

And lastly, what is one of your favorite things about being a member of the Root Coworking?  

The people. I love the energy, innovation and initiative of the people I've met here. Oh, and of course, the ice machine!

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