We can’t say this enough, plants. bring. joy. Here’s a local shop we love that you can buy from.

Curated business card holders
There’s always the struggle of figuring out how to carry your business cards on you—these make it simple yet elegant and convenient! Here’s one we like (and think you will too!).

Bento box lunch containers
These are perfect for those who don’t like their food to touch and it packs up so neatly when you’re done. The bento box comes from Japanese culture, very useful for separating meat, rice and pickled veggies (usually) and is “packed with love.” We recommend this one.

Desk organizer
There are two types of people in the word, those with desk organizers, and messy people. Try out this multi-functional one.

Dammit dolls
Forget stress balls! Dammit dolls are the best way to relieve stress without screaming into a pillow.

Magnetic cord organizer
We H A T E messy cords!!! This little thing makes keeping your cords in order easy. We like something like this.

Made in the Office by Rachel Maylor
This 70-recipe cookbook shows you how to make simple, healthy meals at the office using just a microwave, hot water, or toaster. Get it from Amazon.

A professional backpack
Briefcases and purses can be cool, but who doesn’t love the ease of a backpack? Here’s one that’s stylish AND practical. We’re really into this look.

Office blanket
Studies show that having a slightly cold workspace increases productivity. But then, you ALWAYS feel cold (and a lot of buildings don’t allow space heaters). Try this one; it’s super soft made out of sweatshirt-like material.

Listen, we’re firm believers in the power of music. These headphones will have you dancing in your chair, unable to hear your coworker chewing in the background.

Shattered glass ceiling paperweight
This one is great for the women in your life! This site has it and more uncommon gifts for you to check out.

And of course, a shameless plug, a weeklong coworking pass or gift card from us—it really doesn’t get much better than that! Check it out.

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