If you enjoyed our Spotify music playlist recommendations, you are going to love our podcast recs. Spanning categories like travel, true crime, business and every day fun facts, there's something for everyone!

For the person who is always looking for fun new facts to spout out at cocktail parties:
Stuff You Should Know, by Josh Clark and Charles “Chuck” Bryant, both writers at HowStuffWorks. Their topics range from “How Sneezing Works” to “What’s the deal with swing states?” to “The science of funny words.” 

For the person who raves about how revolutionary “The 4-hour Work Week” is:
The Tim Ferriss Show. The #1 rated business podcast on any platform right now, this long-form interview-style podcast has a different guest each week to hopefully teach you something anyone can use—guests include Matthew McConaughey, Peter Thiel, Maria Sharapova, and more. 

For the person who plans their meals out each week:
Home Cooking from best-selling author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and later the star of the Netflix show by the same name, Samin Nosrat. It’s funny, it’s ingenious, it’s helpful—you won’t regret listening after you hear Samin laugh for the first time!

For the person who can’t wait to travel again:
The Adventure Podcast! They’ve interviewed Emma Crome about her documentary following the last English poachers, mountain climber Nick Bullock on climbing Mount Gongga in China, journalist George Monbiot’s terrifying early career covering land seizures in Manaus (in the Amazon) and many more. Travel the world with them from the comfort of your home.

For the person who wants to be an entrepreneur:
Out of Hours hosted by Georgia Ritter. This podcast features conversations with people who started their own side hustle out of (working) hours and turned it into something big. They even have an online and supportive community you can join. 

For the person who owned a Juicy sweatsuit or an Ed Hardy tee:
Created by Avery Trufelman, Articles of Interest covers a broad range of concepts like the rise of casual wear, the environmental impact of the textile industry, why womenswear doesn’t have pockets, the tension between beauty and capitalism, and more! 

For the person who is a self-proclaimed internet junkie:
Reply All is hosted by PJ Vogt, Alex Goldman, and Emmanuel Dzotsi featuring stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people. 

For the person who double-checks every door in the house twice before they can fall asleep:
My Favorite Murder, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, is a weekly true crime comedy podcast. Yes, you read that right, true crime + comedy genius, as long as you don’t mind curse words. 

If you were into these suggestions, check out our Spotify playlist recs too! 

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